01st NOVEMBER 2020

Hello All,

In line with the most recent Government guidelines, our Sunday morning church services will move to Live Stream & Telephone Conference for the next 4 weeks: 08th, 15th, 22nd and 29th November 2020.

We hope to return to in-building services from Sunday, 6th December.

As usual, we have a number of measures in place to support anyone who might be struggling in one way or the other - practical help, support and/or guidance - so feel free to talk to us about anything you may want or need to, or anything you may want us to pray about. Equally, pls feel free to request for a call with the Senior Pastor if necessary, on 0203 252 0007.

All midweek services also remain online at this present time. Please do ensure to join us and continue to fellowship with other brethren.

God bless you,

CPMI Church


02nd JULY 2020

On 5th July, CPMI Church will re-open for congregational services after approximately three months of the Covid-19 lockdown. The health, safety and wellbeing, both physically and spiritually, and that of every family and household is of utmost priority and so the Church is putting in place a robust and extensive plan and numerous measures and protocols, to ensure all Governmental guidelines are fully implemented, ahead of the re-opening.

All members are requested to read this 2-part communication carefully and keep informed of all future updates.


Entrance/Exit: The entrance to the church building remains unchanged. There will be clear signposting and floor markings throughout the building to direct traffic flow, and highlight exit and emergency escape routes.

Cleaning Regime: An enhanced cleaning policy, and stringent hygiene protocols, are being introduced all around the church building, especially ‘hotspots’ – the most frequently-touched areas, such as railings, door handles, metal chair frames etc. Waste will be handled and disposed of safely and responsibly.

Ventilation: Various protocols will be initiated before and after all services, with reduced ventilation protocols running overnight during periods of intense heat. All doors including the main front doors will be kept open during service times to avoid contamination and to improve air circulation.

Air Quality: Indoor air will be monitored continuously, with focus on maximising air flow, optimising natural ventilation where possible, and minimising re-circulation, to maintain a relative humidity level of 40% - 60%.

Traffic: A one-way flow in and out of the building will be in operation with clear signposting and floor marking to reduce congestion especially at pinch-points. Members are advised to minimise socialising, minimise movements within the church, and leave the premises promptly after each service.

Access Zones: A number of zones (Open access, restricted access, and no-access zones) will be created around the church building, as part of the capacity management measures, to manage access to non-essential areas, thereby minimising contamination. Some sections will be closed entirely and some doorways will be restricted to one-way traffic.

Water Station: This area would ordinarily be considered a ‘hotspot’ for contamination and so, in place of the water dispenser, the church will provide water bottles to take away.

Enhanced Security: In implementing the guidelines outlined in this document, the church will take into account protective security considerations to maintain effective security of the premises, especially around entry/exit points and any areas where members could be more exposed.


Capacity Management: Church members have been split into 2 groups: households within/outside a 5mile radius. Members will be allocated to one service based on their proximity to the church. Any changes must be discussed and approved by the Head Usher (Deacon Alex) to enable tight control of headcount at all times.

Hygiene: Hand sanitising will be mandatory for all on arrival, but the use of masks is optional while on the premises, as the church will implement adequate social-distancing protocols. Additionally, Sanitiser Stations containing hand sanitisers, antimicrobial wipes, toilet tissues, and masks etc will be located in high-traffic areas around the church.

Greeting: All members are requested to refrain from physical contact with a non-family member. This means no hugs and no handshakes. Kindly ensure to avoid causing embarrassment or any awkward moments between one another. Personal belongings should also be handled sensibly.

Seating: This will be based on 2-metre social distancing, with overall hall capacity also based on 2-metre social distancing measures. Total capacity per service will always have a buffer to accommodate unexpected guests i.e. newcomers or an overlap between the two services.

Equipment Use: Mics and other equipment will be strictly restricted to specific individuals. All members are encouraged to bring their own Bibles and pens, and other material, as there will be none to collect from church supplies.

Bulletins: There will be no paper bulletins or other printed materials until further notice. All communications will be shared on digital and social media platforms or published on the church’s website.

Tithes/Offering: All members are encouraged to continue to make payments online where possible. However, there will be arrangements for those who may wish to make a cash payment, although there will be no envelopes distributed as previously. The Finance Team will take all necessary precautions to safely account for cash receipts and may acquire a handheld card-reader in the near future.

Children: Very young children will be seated in the overflow area and must be accompanied by at least one parent at all times. Some teachers will sit in the overflow to supervise, while older children will sit alongside adults in the main section. Children’s services will resume at the end of July with two classes upstairs, subject to room availability. The Children’s Department will post further details onto the Children’s Forum in the coming days.

Youth: All young people will be encouraged to join the full service that their parents are assigned to. The Youth class (GY4C) will continue to meet via Zoom at the usual 3pm meeting time until further notice. The Youth Department will post further details onto the Youth Forum in the coming days.

Toilets: Use will be limited to the following numbers: Men’s Toilet: max 1 person | Women’s Toilet: max 2 persons | Middle Toilet/ disabled access: One child/siblings with one parent.

Emergency Procedures: The church has a clear stay-at-home policy for anyone who is unwell with symptoms of the coronavirus. Anyone who suddenly feels unwell while on the premises, will be given adequate assistance to go home immediately, to self-isolate and seek medical help in line with Government guidelines. Any surfaces the person/s has been in contact with, will be duly sanitised. All members of the individual’s household will also be required to self-isolate. The same will apply to other persons who have been in direct contact with the individual.

Please do not hesitate to contact any member of the Pastoral Team if you have any immediate queries or require further clarification on any of the above points.

Anyone who is considered to belong to a vulnerable group is advised to seek counsel directly with the Senior Pastor.

Thank you and God bless,

CPMI Leadership Team


29th JUNE 2020

Dear Beloved,

Greetings to you and your family in the Name of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ. The Lord has been good to His Church, glory be to His Name forever. We thank God for a time of comfort, and for His great promises over us as His people. "...for we are His people, the sheep of His pasture" (Psalm 100:3). At the start of the year, God gave us a promise of comfort from Isaiah 40, ‘Comfort ye, comfort ye my people,’ and so shall it continue to be unto us in Jesus Name.

While we appreciate God for keeping us, we also have in mind those who have lost their family members, friends or acquaintances. We pray that the God of all comfort will send His comfort to all. More than ever before, we must seek to share the gospel to everyone we know, so that any separation here on earth, is only temporal. May the Lord help us as we strive to do this in Jesus Name.

It is with great joy we write this letter to you, that, as I announced during the service yesterday, the Government has eased the lockdown restrictions and we can once again gather together for congregational worship. However, social distancing rules apply to our mode of worship and so we have to make a number of adjustments.

As stated in our letter dated 21st March 2020, again we wish to assure you that your health, safety and wellbeing, both physically and spiritually, and that of your family and entire household, is our utmost priority. The Church Leadership continues to offer prayers on behalf of the entire church, our community and our world, without fear or anxiety. Alongside this, we will continue to adhere to government guidelines and all necessary steps and precautions.

Please see below an outline of the measures and protocols currently underway in preparation for the re-opening of the sanctuary on 05th July. Please ensure to read this communication carefully and keep informed with all future updates sent over the coming weeks.

1. Services: The church will reopen for congregational services, but with some restrictions. 
2. Attendance: Members are encouraged to attend in person, but must actively seek to adhere to the Church’s social-distancing measures and protocols, in accordance with government guidelines, while on the Church premises. 
3. Live Streaming: This will continue to be active for all the main services. 
4. Service Times: Sundays: There will be two services:
Service 1: 9:00 – 11:00am (if you live outside 5 miles) / Service 2: 11:30 - 1:30pm (if you live within 5 miles) 
Members are requested to attend only one of the two services in order to limit the number of persons in attendance at any point in time as per the guidelines. All other services remain online.
5. Seating: Special arrangements will be organised by Ushers as per distancing guidelines. 
6. Sickness: We request any member who may be experiencing symptoms to self-isolate and call the Senior Pastor so that arrangement can be made for anointing and prayer. 
7. Church Hygiene: Stringent cleaning and sanitation measures, access controls, and various other on-site protocols including: - Extensive notices and signage - Robust traffic & Capacity management - Ventilation, air quality and humidity assessments - Contingency planning.
8. Personal Hygiene: Hand sanitising on arrival will be mandatory for all. Additionally, sanitiser stations will be located in high-traffic areas around the church.

Thank you in advance for your understanding and co-operation. Kindly do not be offended or embarrassed by any of the precautions as they are there to make sure we continue to adhere to Government guidance, as a responsible and God-fearing church.

We will continue to provide you with relevant information, as we continue to pray and believe God for a swift end to this pandemic.

God bless you,

Pastors Mary and Louis Immanuel


17th MAY 2020

Dear CPMI Family,

Calvary greetings in the Name of our Lord Jesus Christ.

We thank God for all that He is doing in all our lives. We bless His holy Name forevermore.

We continue to pray for peace, healing and the restoration to normality of the several aspects of everyday life. In the interim, we must continue to keep safe and to pray. Be your brother's keeper.

We have a number of measures in place to support anyone who might be struggling in one way or the other - practical help, support and/or guidance (on the other forms of help that are available). Please feel free to talk about anything you may want to, need to or pray about. Equally, you should feel free to request for a call with the Senior Pastor if necessary, on 0203 252 0007.

All services continue to be held either online or via telephone. Please ensure to connect, and continue to fellowship with other brethren. Do not be alienated at this time

God bless you,

CPMI Church Leadership


10th APRIL 2020

Dearest CPMI Family,

Calvary greetings in the Name of our Lord Jesus Christ.

The S
enior Pastors/ Pastoral are keen to engage and stay connected with everyone at this time. Over the coming days & weeks, several telephone calls will be made in an attempt to reach out to everyone. The purpose of the calls is to provide a medium for the church leadership to be able to provide support on any issues, concerns, or challenges that any families or individuals may be having at this time.

We have a number of measures in place to support anyone who might be struggling in one way or the other - practical help, support and/or guidance (on the other forms of help that are available); so feel free to talk about anything you may want to, need to or pray about. Equally, you may feel free to request for a call with the Senior Pastor if necessary, on 0203 252 0007.

Please look out for the telephone calls and messages, as we help one another through the testing days ahead. More than ever before, we know God will be glorified.

Services are still online for the present time. Please ensure to join us and continue to fellowship with other brethren.

God bless you,

CPMI Church Leadership


24th MARCH 2020

Dear CPMI Family,

Greetings in the Name of our Lord Jesus Christ.

As we all may be aware by now, last night the U.K. Government released new restrictions on public life in the national efforts against the spread of the coronavirus (Covid-19). As a church, it is very important that we adhere to these guidelines aimed at protecting the public, and reorganise our church services and operations accordingly.

All church services will move online and we encourage you to do all you can to connect during service times. We must not go on a ‘spiritual holiday’, rather our Heavenly Father would expect all believers everywhere to arise in fervent prayer, asking Him to intervene in this desperate situation and bring it to an end.

Churches are not being closed. Buildings are being closed. You are the church! You are to remain open.

Online services will commence tomorrow, at the normal service times, as follows:

Sundays: Family Service, 10am - 12pm
Sundays: Evening Service, 6pm - 7pm
Wednesdays: Bible Study, 6pm - 8pm
Fridays: Prayer Meeting, 6pm - 8pm

New additional prayer services will also be introduced and communicated.

We are implementing new arrangements to enable members to connect easily via online platforms and all necessary joining details will be provided across the various church forums. We look forward to fellowshipping together with you online.

Whilst these are unusual and uncertain times, we must not be paralysed by fear and anxiety for we know that our God is in control. We are praying for you all, and we are confident that the Lord will see us through these challenging times.

To give your tithes and offerings via BACs, please see the relevant details:
Acc name: CPMI Church
Sort code: 30-97-90
Acc num: 0077-8418

Please do not hesitate to contact the church leadership or any of the ministers if you require any assistance or have any questions. We will continue to keep you updated over the coming days and weeks.

Shalom, shalom!

Pastors Mary and Louis Immanuel