Year to Recover



Truly, God is in our midst and we are thankful for the marvellous things He is doing amongst us. Jesus Christ is King, Lord, Master, and He reigns supreme. 

We are a vibrant, multi-racial & multi-national church with a vision to equip people to fulfilling their God-ordained destiny. We are a caring and loving church who believe, and proclaim the Word of God in truth.

Our mission is to build and equip a people of power, and impact & transform lives to the glory of God. We have been called to make disciples for Jesus Christ from all nations (Matthew 28:19-20), and this includes us too! We believe that Jesus is coming back soon and our focus is to get ready for His return.

Our prayer is that every person at CPMI Church finds & continues in their personal relationship with the Holy Spirit, and has a sense of connection with other christian brothers and sisters.

We will love for you to visit us! Come and experience the tremendous joy and peace that comes from true worship with other believers, in God's presence. Experience the power that changes lives and feel the reality of God’s love in a warm and friendly Christian atmosphere. We are a family of people from various cultures, backgrounds, ages, and everyone is important to us- singles, marrieds. families, young and older people make up who we are. We love our church and we think you will too! We look forward to seeing you.

Live victoriously and God bless you!

If you are unable to join us, we strongly recommend that you visit a bible-believing and prayerful church near you, and attend regularly. Become a committed member at a place where you can grow, fellowship with other believers, and continue to lead a life for Christ. You may feel free to contact us at anytime!